Submission to the Electoral Matters Committee

18 September 2023

The Inquiry into the conduct of the 2022 Victorian State Election, assessed by the Parliament of Victoria’s Electoral Matters Committee, holds on-going importance for maintaining the integrity and transparency of our democratic processes.

Member for Narre Warren South Gary Maas, made a submission to the Inquiry, highlighting his experiences and recommendations.

Mr Maas’ submission included concerns for safety issues and behaviour, especially during the pre-poll period and the role of participants and authorities in ensuring a safe working environment.

Mr Maas would like to see better enforcement of legislation in regards to materials, authorisation and behaviour as necessary to enhance the safety of candidates, voters and democratic processes for future elections.

Elections are the cornerstone of a functioning democracy and ensuring their fairness while allowing people to hand out how-to-vote cards without harassment and bullying would be a good step forward.

This Inquiry serves as a crucial mechanism to evaluate the electoral procedures, identify any potential irregularities or flaws and recommend necessary reforms.

By thoroughly examining the conduct of the election, the Electoral Matters Committee will enhance public trust in the electoral system, safeguard the rights of voters, and contribute to a robust democratic framework that truly reflects our democracy.

The submission made by Gary Maas MP is accessible via this link -

Quotes attributable to the Member for Narre Warren South Gary Maas MP:

“The Inquiry into the conduct of the 2022 Victorian State Election is a real opportunity to make a submission for the betterment of our democratic process and the experiences of all involved in our electoral processes.”

“The occurrence of the two-week pre-polling period is a relatively new phenomenon where opposing representatives are in confined spaces together with their volunteers – not all behave appropriately. This pre-poll period still needs assessment and in my view, adjustments will need to be made.”