Ask Me or 'Ask G'

20 May 2024 State Member for Narre Warren South Gary Maas MP has announced a new AI assistant ‘Ask G', designed to support constituents - especially during out of office-hours.

‘Ask G’ is now available to use on Gary Maas’ official website ‘Ask G' is an advanced tool crafted to provide prompt and accessible responses to constituent enquiries.

This innovative tool will support the way people engage with their local representative online. It’s an additional contact option, working alongside in-person contact to the office as well as emails and phone calls.

‘Ask G’ provides efficient query resolution, tailored to common questions and personalised to the Narre Warren South electorate.

It also has some useful multilingual support catering to a range of languages, as well as speech to text functions.

‘Ask G’ will help people navigate the three levels of government and guide them to the relevant resource, department and contact based on their concern.

Gary Maas emphasises that 'Ask G' complements existing communication channels and all important information should be confirmed. As an AI assistant, it is constantly under development and continuously learning.

This AI assistant represents an exciting step towards further enhancing support for our local community.

The function is now available for use. Find it here.

 Quotes attributed to Member for Narre Warren South Gary Maas MP:

“‘Ask G’ is a handy tool for constituents looking for a quick answer to an issue with information right at their fingertips. I still encourage anyone to also contact my office through the various channels to further discuss issues.”

“’Ask G’ is a complementary service to my established contact points. We are entering a new age of information that is even more accessible.”

“My office is always here to help - in person, via phone or email. Remember: you can ask me or ’Ask G’”.